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September 22, 2013
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YM: Chihiro by butterou YM: Chihiro by butterou
:iconyokai-monogatari: :iconyokai-monogatari: :iconyokai-monogatari: :iconyokai-monogatari: :iconyokai-monogatari:

||Name: Chihiro

Total REP earnings: 400 (Sleeping Chibi) + 100 (First Event Award ) + 1200 (Full-body Hyakki Yagyo Event) = 1700 
Current REP: 1700 

Unemployed collector

•Appears 15-17

• Female

• Humanoid

||Type: Seto-Taishō

• Humanoid height: 164cm
• Yokai height: 49cm

• Regeneration:
Despite having to be very fragile, Chihiro can slowly regenerate any wounds. Though, the wounds don’t actually affect Chihiro that much considering that her ‘skin’ shatters. Having been made out of household objects and wares she could recollect the pieces and regenerate her ‘skin’. However, once a part of her ‘skin’ is completely pulverized, she must find new cutlery or housewares in order to fix herself up.

• Transformation:
In a pinch, whenever Chihiro feel endangered she transforms into her true yokai form; which basically consists of house ware. Her head is a sake bottle, her limbs are teapot lids and her legs are spoons. Her only weapon would be chopsticks. However she can divide herself into the pieces she is made of in order to disguise herself from any oncoming enemies.

In general; Chihiro does not know how to defend herself at all. The only thing she’s able to do is simply blending in. When she doesn’t have time to transform or regenerate, she runs, exceptionally fast than normal. This is one of her most used methods of escaping oncoming enemies.

• Strong Strikes:
Due to her 'skin' it doesn't handle strong strikes very well; it causes her skin to completely pulverise leaving a section of her body completely gone. She is unable to regenerate unless she finds more porcelains to restore her 'skin' again.

• Horses:
Due to her past it's caused her to become traumatised leaving her afraid of horses, she can't stand being near them since she'll have thoughts of them trampling all over her, or kicking her. Do mind she is awfully fragile.

• Other Yokai:
Having to be rather weak, Chihiro can't handle other stronger yokai very well since they'll probably cause a lot of damage to her knowing that she can be... Well, annoying at times with her childish behaviour. 

• Collecting unused cutlery and objects
• Pestering people
• Getting her nose into other’s businesses
• Strong, beautiful, admirable people to look up to
• Tea ceremonies; not like she’s ever been invited to one
• Making toy soldiers from utensils ( more info down below )
• Chasing !

• Abusive, drunk people
• Accidentally running into a wall then shattering–– too much work to regenerate
• When people make her feel unwanted; neglected
• Bullies
• Horses ( more of a fear actually )
• Intimidating men ( actually, she’s scared of every time of men out there )

| Aggressive when chasing | Cheeky | Troublemaker | Cheerful | Childish | Clumsy |
Chihiro isn’t much of a mature person, depending on her mood she can become very childish. She has a high tendency to chase people around, especially if they’re a type of cook or chef. If she does manage to succeed in getting her ways into kitchens and such, she causes a large mess; usually to do with food rather than destroying any plates, bowls or utensils. There are also times where she’d carelessly run into things such as walls, edges of tables and chairs which usually results into some damage onto her ‘skin’.
However, whenever she’s not causing any sort of trouble and such, she can be rather cheerful and cheeky when it comes to making friends. She tries her best to fit in; even though she knows that she stands out the most at times when she’s oblivious and unaware of the current situation.

Before becoming a yokai; Chihiro was a simple fragile little girl. She believed that her life was simple and that nothing would interrupt her lifestyle with her parents. Her lifestyle was her definition of perfection.
At the age of six, her parents had taken her to town for a simple day of shopping. “Chihiro, wait here, okay? Me and your father will look around for somewhere to eat.” her mother smiled, walking with her husband as they searched for a place to dine at. Chihiro nodded, staying put and listening to her parents.
She stayed there obeying her parents orders, wondering when they’d return for her. After a few hours she still stayed in the exact same spot, nearby stores watched as the feebly girl stood alone. Some even asked about her situation, however the girl replied explaining that her parents will come back soon.

There was a distant sound of charging horses pulling a carriage full of valuables and ceramics.
It didn’t mean much for Chihiro, it begun dashing towards her. Her mind told her that the carriage would just dart pass her, that was, until at a nearby bar there was a brawl caused by drunk men, screaming and yelling at each other. One of the men was pushed in front of the path that the horses were headed at–– which caused the man to turn the carriage to the side to prevent the horses from trampling over the man to death.
However the man didn’t see Chihiro, whom was standing nearby. Thus; causing the horses and carriage to suddenly ram towards Chihiro; causing her death.

Life wasn’t as simple as she thought. Her parents didn’t bother coming back for her.

After Chihiro’s death, something rather unusual happened. Fragments of her soul was confined in a fine sake cup. It’s colour was a vibrant green, painted with a opulent shade of gold. It was one of the porcelains that were from the carriage that had ran over Chihiro. She was unsure of what to do, or what happened.

“I was killed by a passing carriage full of ceramics and goods... Papa and Mama didn’t come back for me. I don’t know what to do now. Now... I’m just a trapped soul imprisoned in a cup. Life wasn’t as simple as I thought. Life is complicated.”

The goods had belonged to a fairly wealthy warlord’s wife, she was enraged to find that her goods were harmed in a minor incident.
“Who was the one that transported my goods here?! I demand an answer, now! I want to know what happened, I want to know why my husband’s precious merchandise are ruined!” she screamed, her voice resounding throughout the household. The old man who originally transported the wares hesitated as he stepped forward, “I-It... It wasn’t my fault.. But... A young girl died in the incident––” he tried to explain, before his sentence was interrupted.
“I don’t care about a commoner! Those poor villagers are none of my concern!” she screeched more before fanning herself, attempting to calm down. “Because I am not cruel, I’ll only have you pay half the price you owe me. And luckily, they weren’t as important. Now scram before I change my mind!” she screamed as the poor old man scurried over, exiting the room.

The household was unfamiliar, however it felt as it the family was a power one of some sort; perhaps a warlord’s family. The wife seemed rather cruel, the unforgiving type.
Several servants transported the goods towards the kitchen. The other half was moved to the storage house, probably only used for replacements. News went around explaining that the warlord was inviting a few friends over for a drink. The servants readied for the evening as they set out the newly imported wares and freshly fermented sake.
The night came and the warlord returned with his friends, they gathered into a large meeting room floored with tatami and with translucent shoji walls. The sake cup Chihiro’s soul was confined in was set for the warlord himself.
As the group settled in the room, the evening begun as a formal chat. About their lives, their jobs, their wives. It made Chihiro think, if she were to be alive would she be able to become a successful person? Well, she’s dead and a sake cup as of now. It’s no use thinking about her life. The more the evening progressed, the more alcohol and sake the men consumed.
Hours passed and eventually they laughed continuously then it turned into a huge argument. They look and sounded like children fighting over a handball or something, it just turned out to be a ridiculous night. The warlord shouted amongst his ‘friends’, he then begun throwing cups and bottles across the rooms in anger. Pristine sake seeped into the tatami mat as ceramics shattered as they were thrown around.
The cup that Chihiro’s soul was confined in was thrown at the towards the floor. The ceramic was stable, only the margins were chipped off. After the skirmish was finished, the sun was ready to arise and servants gathered the pieces of cups and bottles. Those that had minor damages were set in the storage room for repairs. As the cups were placed into the storerooms, Chihiro was simply stacked with other cups.
There was a sudden realization for her; when she was a child her mother had read a story about a certain yokai.

“Seto-Taishō, a yokai that has been made out of unused ceramics, housewares and cutlery roamed around chasing around cooks and chefs. People never understood why they did so, however they’re simply mischievous and aggressive. If they were to clumsily run into a wall and break themselves, they can picked their parts up and continue their schemes.”

If Chihiro were to be able to gather pieces of other unused ceramics then perhaps she’d be able to walk around and move as a yokai of such. Surely it’d be strange using ceramics as a vessel however it’d be better than a sake cup.

It’d be better than a sake cup.

As soon as Chihiro was able to recollect proper pieces of unused wares and cutlery, she roamed around the household. Whenever she’s been sighted, servants and cooks described that “a menacing creature is roaming the hallways at night."


||Other facts: (optional)
• Her ‘skin’ texture feels like normal human skin, however it doesn’t function like normal skin. ( read ‘Regeneration’ under Skills for more info )
• Out of courtesy and empathy she has a habit of making toy soldiers out of cutlery, utensils and apparatus’ due to her past.
• Wears a giant sake cup as her hat.
• Has a really, really strange obsession with... squishing her own cheeks when she’s embarrassed.
• Is usually found near rivers, if not then somewhere near restaurants scheming something.

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